Friday, April 15, 2011

I'm Back !!!

Okay so if you read this blog often you might have been wondering where I went.
The answer is simple, nowhere!!!


But the reason why I haven't been keeping up is because suddenly wedding/ bridal shower craziness has struck my household.

{Me and Kyle opening our first present}

We got our first set of silver wear!!!
Which we are incredibly thankful for especially since Kyle moves into our one day apartment this weekend.
Anyways here is the one and only fabulous outfitt I took a picture of this week.

It was simple and very springy, and as my fiance said "only in Nevada can you get away with wearing those shoes!"
Anywho ... I am off to make a tower of donut holes!
Have a wonderful Friday!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Spending for a cause/ Frifty-Friday

At this point I am sure that you have heard that Japan was once again hit with another earthquake. Like the destruction that they are trying to recover from already wasn't enough now they have this to deal with.
I know that sometimes it is hard to balance our own expenses let alone try to find the money to give to those less fortunate.
However I just wanted to put in a little plug
{Shameless I know}
For the many American designers that give back everyday!
Diane von Furstenberg
Kenneth Cole
and of course
 Are just some of my favorite.
Maybe next time you are going shopping you might want to take a moment to do some research and find a designer that supports a cause you believe in.
However, if you are like me you don't always have the money to spend on brand new clothes.
Luckily many Thrift Stores are actually sponsors of local charities.
My favorite in my home town is F.I.S.H.
{Friends In Service Helping}
There I can find cool things for myself, as well as donate gently used items, and volunteer at their very own food bank.
So for my "Frifty-Friday" outfit I am rocking my favorite pair of shoes I ever got at F.I.S.H.

Hope you like it!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

A sudden change in the weather

Well it was all sunshine and happiness

and then came today :(

it was soooo Blah!!

But don't worry my outfit made people smile.

{Sweater=Hollister, Top=Marshalls, Belt=JCrew, Skirt= Thrift, Under Skirt= A slip Shop, Boots= Mommy}

My Fiance even took me out to sushi ...
Love life!!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Normally I am all about the mix of fitted clothes with my lose baggy clothes.

I just find it to create a nice balance.

However after four days of wedding invite heck I was all about the baggy.

{Jeans=Stein Mart(seven for all man kind), Shirt= Marshall's, Vest&Shoes= Moth Hole}

Even my bags under my eyes were baggy!


I loved this outfit because first thing my fiance said when he saw me was,
"You're adorable."

I really like that reaction.
Go figure.

OOOO and by the way I have to correct something.
The thrift store in Sacramento that I am crazy about is actually called Moth Hole.
I guess my exhaustion is even getting to my memory.

That's kinda a problem.

Anyways, I am practically done with my invites and now I am in preparation for my bridal shower and birthday ... Which is all on the same day!!!

OOO life is so grand :)

Monday, April 4, 2011


So as you may or may not know I love to preform in musicals.
Currently I am in Oklahoma, which normally wouldn't be a big deal but I am also working thirteen hour days, working out tons, and planning a wedding.
Needless to say that I am feeling more then a little stressed.

Well tonight my fiance, maid of honor, mother, father and I packed up all the wedding invitation things and headed off to my dad's shop to finally finish those buggers.

{Tired victims}

The second we get there I get a call from my director reminding me that I am actually needed tonight and that if I left right now that they would be ready for me by the time I got there. So I jumped in my Mother's car and speed off to practice.

I was earlier then they expected {I can drive like the wind when necessary.} so I had time to memorize my lines before I was up. Unfortunately on my way over I forgot that in order to do a fight scene I would need to change out of my way cute skirt. So I got a lecture that I seriously deserved, and moved on.

However, I find it really hard to devote time to something that my heart just isn't into right now.

Right now all I want to do is plan my wedding and my soon to be life as Mrs.Kyle Ashcraft.

And I don't find that to be too selfish of an idea seeing as I have been waiting for this day to come for three years now. {We've been dating that long.}

But now I am finally home... The invitations are finally ready to be sent ... and I am more then ready for bed.

Here's to being up in four hours for work ... woot woot!

Reading Rainbows

Butterfly in the sky ....
Blah Blah Blah today I prefer butterflies on my skirt.

{Sweater and Shoes- Nordstroms Rack, Skirt- Moth Cloth (Thrift store Sacramento California), Undershirt- who only knows}

When I was a active Kappa Delta we would have our meetings on Mondays, consequently I got into the habit of being dressed up on Mondays.
Today, after a long night of stressing out over wedding invitations, I had the perfect "Brittany" outfit to make sure that I would not have a horrible Monday.

This was it.

Everything from the big flowy skirt, the cardi, and of course my new pair of sparkle jellies are total Brittany Basics.
Some people are all about the plain white tee and jeans... and I totally used to be that way, but working with kids and around full length mirrors all the time, I realized that the jeans and tee-shirt look really doesn't make me feel anything but clothed.

Any who, I have to tell you about this thrift/consignment/clothing store called, "Moth Cloth".
Located in Sacramento, this wonderful store was a treasure trove of amazing clothes. They had clothing {for women only} for every age group, and finds in every price range. You could find brand new coach purses or really cool bohemian scarves knit by local craft women. I, of course could have spent hundreds there, but I restrained myself with the silent promise that the second I find a reason why I need to go to Cali I will stop by again.

Anyways, I love cool stores that are a little unexpected... like when I go to department stores I know what I am going to find there, which kind of takes the thrill out of the find.
But when I go thrift store shopping I never know what I am going to find and therefore the thrill is sooo much greater.

Well now I have to get back to wedding invitation heck.
{Who knew that it would be so complicated to find ink that wont smear on cardstock!!!}

Happy Monday !

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Only a two hour drive

If I drive two hours from my home I can end up in beautiful Sacramento California.
If I drive two hours from my home I can find myself in some of the best shopping in the world.
So for my Friday I drove two hours in order to find the perfect temple dress and do some much needed shopping therapy.

{Pictures of my adventure}

{The green of California is never ending.}

{Every where you go there are these amazing colors}

{Even the place where we ate had beautiful flowers growing outside.}

{But the shopping was the greatest!}

Needless to say my Friday was an amazing adventure for all who came. I found my temple dress (And got to try it on so I know it will look good){Not that having a temple dress is all about looking good but it is my wedding day and I would like to feel pretty on that day.} I found some amazing thrift stores, and got some new jelly flats!!!

Life is good!

Friday, April 1, 2011

A day for California

I am up and dressed and ready for shopping!!!!

I am seriously in need of a temple dress for my wedding ... which is in May!
So my maid of honor and myself are packing it up and heading to California for some major shopping.

Anyways here are the shoes I wish I was wearing today.

I was wearing them until Becci reminded me that we are going to be doing tons of walking and seeing as they are brand new I could ruin my entire day by hurting my feet.

Well there is no way I am letting that happen so I am in a nice pair of sandals
{Outfit pictures to follow with pictures of our adventure}
Yay Me!