Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Normally I am all about the mix of fitted clothes with my lose baggy clothes.

I just find it to create a nice balance.

However after four days of wedding invite heck I was all about the baggy.

{Jeans=Stein Mart(seven for all man kind), Shirt= Marshall's, Vest&Shoes= Moth Hole}

Even my bags under my eyes were baggy!


I loved this outfit because first thing my fiance said when he saw me was,
"You're adorable."

I really like that reaction.
Go figure.

OOOO and by the way I have to correct something.
The thrift store in Sacramento that I am crazy about is actually called Moth Hole.
I guess my exhaustion is even getting to my memory.

That's kinda a problem.

Anyways, I am practically done with my invites and now I am in preparation for my bridal shower and birthday ... Which is all on the same day!!!

OOO life is so grand :)