Tuesday, October 11, 2011

fighting with nature

It seems that we are constantly being told to fight becoming the natural man.
When I was in high school I assumed this mean that I wasn't supposed to act like a cave man and sort of took this golden piece of advice at face value.
Being married however I have found that fighting against the natural man can have a lot of meanings.
For instance the natural man would drink milk until they were no longer thirsty and not think about others who might want some milk in their cereal. But being married means sharing when it isn't fun, compromising when faced with adversity and doing things that you have absolutely no desire to do.
Lately I have really been working on the "doing" part.
After our wonderful trip to Utah I realized how unfortunately out of shape I have become. We did a "mud run" with Kyle's family and while I had been walking five miles every night to prepare for the 5k I found that I was the one slowing down the team!!! So when I got home I jumped online and began a training program so that by December I might be able to do a 10k at a decent speed.
However pushing my body on a daily basis can sometimes mean lead to pain and an utter lack of interest in doing access physical activity.
Luckily my wonderful husband was inspired to go on a hike and found a way to convince me to do the same and we were able to enjoy Carson falling beautifully into fall.

{Kyle's awesome pictures}