I wish I could say that every idea I have ever had was one hundred percent my own... but that would be lying.
Instead I want to share with you the inspirations I have in my life.

{My Mommy}

Seriously it is almost hard being her daughter, she doesn't even have to wear make up to be beautiful. She grew up in southern California, and spent most of her time at the beach. The world would have you believe that this means she would have skin like leather from years of sun bathing.
My mom has practically perfect skin, and no skin cancer.
Just blessed I guess.


She is a beautician and trust me she more then lives up to it.
Jen is this incredible power house of spirituality, and I am sure that is part of why she has such an amazing glow to her everyday. But seriously, every time I see her she is dressed to impress.
Yet she makes it look so easy.


Even though we now live far away from each other I still look to Liz for inspiration in fresh looks.
I met her while working at this horrible phonathon where we raised scholarship money for our university. Some nights it was hard just convince yourself to leave your house and trek across the frozen tundra let alone to then go to a place where people hang up on you all night. {People we like calling you less then you like answering our phone calls!}
None the less, Liz made winter look like a season you actually wanted to last.
Even if the people she talked to never saw how awesome she looked her coworkers did.
And it was good.


Its silly I know but when you are with kids all day you see so much Disney in your life you start to feel that need to look that kind of happy. Not only that but ... my family is kind of a Disney family.
Every fall we go to Disneyland for our family reunion. And if we are celebrating something big we usually go to Disney World for a week.
Silly ... I think not!


I really don't know how to describe Melody, amazing, glorious, talented, cool, deep, fab, hip, unique, honestly the only way to describe her is Melody.
I met Melody when I was a senior in high school. We were going to be in a musical together... I eventually had to drop the show, but since that day at practice when we first discovered we were both wearing gauchos we have been found friends.
Needless to say everyday she gets more fabulous.
I wouldn't forget this face if I were you because one day she will be famous.
No Joke.