Friday, February 17, 2012

I have a problem

I was a 100% sure that one day I would grow out of this habit...
then I didn't
I was 200% sure that once I got a normal 9-5 job that I would grow out of this habit...
then I didn't
I thought that getting a dog would help me with the habit...
but he just seems to pander to it.

Can you guess what it is?

LOL it is my love of sleeping in!

Its awful, I know. Yet every morning I play a numbers game in my head, "Can I shower in under ten minutes? How long do you think it will take to blow out my hair? Do I really have to do my make-up?"
I think it is part of my problem with procrastination... like I just don't want to start to do what I have to.
But honestly who knows!

Any of you have a dirty little habit you wish you would grow out of?

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Valentines Day

Okay so little known secret...

I love Valentines Day!

Ever since I was old enough to understand what a Valentine actually was I was obsessed with having one.
Unfortunately my high school days were more then lacking in this area.
And to be honest college kinda was too...
then came Kyle.
I actually ditched my real Valentines date to hang out with him, that was kinda the first time I really remember him :) But every since then I have had the best Valentine ever and my love for a day that many call cheesy has grown.

So even though we have only been together for ... five Valentines now, we have some traditions.

1. We always skip the crowds! Meaning if V-day{ getting tired of spelling Valentines Day full out} is on the weekend we go for a lunch date and early movie and then enjoy a very quiet evening together.

2. We get cheesy! Seriously I know that people are always looking for ways to go against the grain but honestly there is something so romantic about flowers and chocolates and perfume and stuff.

3. We tell each other how much we love them.

This year, as you all know, V-day was on a Tuesday, so we went out to dinner on Monday. We went to our favorite place to spend V-day dates, Famous Dave's, and ate some amazing barbecue! Then we went window shopping at the mall. It was really fun to look at things and realize that there wasn't anything worth buying!
{LOL seriously NV get with it and realize that the fashions you are selling at full price are from last season.}
 Then we came home and snuggled with Buddy till everyone was very tired.
 Then for our actual V-date we had a meal at home followed by Starbucks and a red box movie.
Kyle had a black and white hot chocolate while I had a salted carmel hot chocolate! {Fantastic!!!}

How did you spend your Valentines day? Anything unbelievably romantic?

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Meet Buddy

A week later and he has driven his way right into my heart.
I have never had a dog with this much personality but I guess he takes after his daddy.

His favorite food is pizza, he will go to any and all lengths to get even just a bite.Including but limited to waiting until you have thrown away your plate then pulling it out of the trash and licking every crumb off of it.
He loves cuddly blankets.
He always has to sleep in a place that he can see you.
When he wakes up in the morning he uses his front two feet to drag himself on his belly across the floor.
He only barks when he is playing{or in his pen}
He will chew on anything and everything he can get his hands on.
And his favorite place in the world is petsmart... not for the other pets but for the chance to meet all the people who love pets and kiss everyone of them!
And last but certainly not least he is happiest when he is with his Mom and Dad.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Happy Birthday Hubbin

Well I think I said it at Christmas,
and if I didn't I know I have said it in my prayers multiple times...
I cant believe how blessed we are.
When we got married I was ready to not be able to afford food, so when Christmas came and we had presents I was completely humbled to think of how blessed we are.
Then we come to Kyle's birthday and I will be honest I once again was crunching numbers and racking my brain trying to figure what would be the coolest gift I could give Kyle. But not to worry the universe provided.

{We started with coaches tickets to the USU vs UNR game}
{Thank you Morgan Grim}
{OOO and did I mention he got a Beagle named Buddy}

Needles to say Kyle was pretty happy about his birthday weekend...
I mean even the Giants won the super bowl, which he kinda wanted.