Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Happy Birthday Hubbin

Well I think I said it at Christmas,
and if I didn't I know I have said it in my prayers multiple times...
I cant believe how blessed we are.
When we got married I was ready to not be able to afford food, so when Christmas came and we had presents I was completely humbled to think of how blessed we are.
Then we come to Kyle's birthday and I will be honest I once again was crunching numbers and racking my brain trying to figure what would be the coolest gift I could give Kyle. But not to worry the universe provided.

{We started with coaches tickets to the USU vs UNR game}
{Thank you Morgan Grim}
{OOO and did I mention he got a Beagle named Buddy}

Needles to say Kyle was pretty happy about his birthday weekend...
I mean even the Giants won the super bowl, which he kinda wanted.

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