Wednesday, August 31, 2011

kooking for Kyle

So way back in the day my mom told me the secret to a happy husband was to have dinner ready for him every night when he came home ...

I don't know if that has everything to do with having a happy husband
it certainly helps :)

Not to mention there is something so rewarding about cooking something that your husband really loves.
Now for most evenings Kyle is just fine with a box pasta, some steamed veggies, and maybe an ounce or two of meat.... but when I have the time I do like to mix it up.
Tonight is one of those nights!
I'm going to try to make some cheesy ranch chicken.
I hope it turns out well...

Anyways here is the picture of the first meal I made for Kyle as his wife!

Kyle was thrilled because the enchilada recipe came from  his mother and so it reminded him of home.
I was thrilled that I didn't ruin it.
And there were left overs for days because his mothers recipe was for a whole family and Kyle and I are just two... {thank goodness}

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Monday, August 29, 2011

Meet {Pinterest}

So when I was planning our wedding I put together this giant poster board with all the beautiful pictures I found, that had incredible ideas that I wanted to copy for our wedding.
It was my way of making sure that I {and others} knew what I wanted our wedding to be like.

{And in the end it ended up helping everyone to keep a focused eye and not spend a ton of money on things that we wouldn't have ended up using.}
Now being married I am constantly on a budget!!!
Yet I still have a passion for fashion so I now continue to collect beautiful pictures of what I want, that way when I am out shopping I know if I come across something I can more easily evaluate its usefulness in my wardrobe.

Well all that work of cutting, pasting, organising just got a lot easier :)

Meet Pinterest

 You can now organise as many online idea boards as you want...
and just like backing up your own photos to the Internet it is a safe place to keep your brilliant ideas !

{Best of all you no longer have to keep the clutter that comes with magazine clipping.}

Anyways have fun and get pinning :)
And follow me if you want you can go look at my fall Fashion board here or here

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Hot August Nights

So Friday night my husband's baseball game was once again cancelled and unfortunately that left us with nothing to do. In a stroke of genious Kyle thought to call his friend Devon and see if he and his girlfriend would like to go to a movie ... but they one uped us and invited us to join them in Reno for
Hot August Nights! 
They were already in Reno and decided to wait in, "Fun Quest" in the basement of the Grand Sierra while they waited for us... which lead my husband and I to spend, "The best three dollars of our lives!"

I didnt want to show my video because ....
well lets just say I spend more time on the matt then I did on the bull!
Anyways Hot August Nights is actually all about old cars. Every parking lot at every Casino is full of them.
They race them.
They show them.
And for those of you who have an extra 59,000 lieing around they sell them!
My favorite part however was
the bathrooms!!!

{Yeah I made Kyle take this picture ... he hated it!}

Yeah they have pink and purple ones for girls and even a place to wash your hands ...
ooo technology how I love thee!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

{Tunes on Tuesday} Florence & the Machine

Okay I am so addicted to this artist. In my mind there is nothing she can do wrong.
You probably have heard many of her songs and hopefully loved them, but this song I am especially fond of
.... an oldie but a goody.