Sunday, August 14, 2011

Hot August Nights

So Friday night my husband's baseball game was once again cancelled and unfortunately that left us with nothing to do. In a stroke of genious Kyle thought to call his friend Devon and see if he and his girlfriend would like to go to a movie ... but they one uped us and invited us to join them in Reno for
Hot August Nights! 
They were already in Reno and decided to wait in, "Fun Quest" in the basement of the Grand Sierra while they waited for us... which lead my husband and I to spend, "The best three dollars of our lives!"

I didnt want to show my video because ....
well lets just say I spend more time on the matt then I did on the bull!
Anyways Hot August Nights is actually all about old cars. Every parking lot at every Casino is full of them.
They race them.
They show them.
And for those of you who have an extra 59,000 lieing around they sell them!
My favorite part however was
the bathrooms!!!

{Yeah I made Kyle take this picture ... he hated it!}

Yeah they have pink and purple ones for girls and even a place to wash your hands ...
ooo technology how I love thee!

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