Monday, August 29, 2011

Meet {Pinterest}

So when I was planning our wedding I put together this giant poster board with all the beautiful pictures I found, that had incredible ideas that I wanted to copy for our wedding.
It was my way of making sure that I {and others} knew what I wanted our wedding to be like.

{And in the end it ended up helping everyone to keep a focused eye and not spend a ton of money on things that we wouldn't have ended up using.}
Now being married I am constantly on a budget!!!
Yet I still have a passion for fashion so I now continue to collect beautiful pictures of what I want, that way when I am out shopping I know if I come across something I can more easily evaluate its usefulness in my wardrobe.

Well all that work of cutting, pasting, organising just got a lot easier :)

Meet Pinterest

 You can now organise as many online idea boards as you want...
and just like backing up your own photos to the Internet it is a safe place to keep your brilliant ideas !

{Best of all you no longer have to keep the clutter that comes with magazine clipping.}

Anyways have fun and get pinning :)
And follow me if you want you can go look at my fall Fashion board here or here

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