Wednesday, August 31, 2011

kooking for Kyle

So way back in the day my mom told me the secret to a happy husband was to have dinner ready for him every night when he came home ...

I don't know if that has everything to do with having a happy husband
it certainly helps :)

Not to mention there is something so rewarding about cooking something that your husband really loves.
Now for most evenings Kyle is just fine with a box pasta, some steamed veggies, and maybe an ounce or two of meat.... but when I have the time I do like to mix it up.
Tonight is one of those nights!
I'm going to try to make some cheesy ranch chicken.
I hope it turns out well...

Anyways here is the picture of the first meal I made for Kyle as his wife!

Kyle was thrilled because the enchilada recipe came from  his mother and so it reminded him of home.
I was thrilled that I didn't ruin it.
And there were left overs for days because his mothers recipe was for a whole family and Kyle and I are just two... {thank goodness}


  1. I love cooking for PJ and I especially love when he tells me how much he loves it!
    (blogger won't let me use my I just have to put it as anonymous)

  2. Looks great! And your Mom was right. ;)