Monday, April 4, 2011

Reading Rainbows

Butterfly in the sky ....
Blah Blah Blah today I prefer butterflies on my skirt.

{Sweater and Shoes- Nordstroms Rack, Skirt- Moth Cloth (Thrift store Sacramento California), Undershirt- who only knows}

When I was a active Kappa Delta we would have our meetings on Mondays, consequently I got into the habit of being dressed up on Mondays.
Today, after a long night of stressing out over wedding invitations, I had the perfect "Brittany" outfit to make sure that I would not have a horrible Monday.

This was it.

Everything from the big flowy skirt, the cardi, and of course my new pair of sparkle jellies are total Brittany Basics.
Some people are all about the plain white tee and jeans... and I totally used to be that way, but working with kids and around full length mirrors all the time, I realized that the jeans and tee-shirt look really doesn't make me feel anything but clothed.

Any who, I have to tell you about this thrift/consignment/clothing store called, "Moth Cloth".
Located in Sacramento, this wonderful store was a treasure trove of amazing clothes. They had clothing {for women only} for every age group, and finds in every price range. You could find brand new coach purses or really cool bohemian scarves knit by local craft women. I, of course could have spent hundreds there, but I restrained myself with the silent promise that the second I find a reason why I need to go to Cali I will stop by again.

Anyways, I love cool stores that are a little unexpected... like when I go to department stores I know what I am going to find there, which kind of takes the thrill out of the find.
But when I go thrift store shopping I never know what I am going to find and therefore the thrill is sooo much greater.

Well now I have to get back to wedding invitation heck.
{Who knew that it would be so complicated to find ink that wont smear on cardstock!!!}

Happy Monday !

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