Sunday, April 3, 2011

Only a two hour drive

If I drive two hours from my home I can end up in beautiful Sacramento California.
If I drive two hours from my home I can find myself in some of the best shopping in the world.
So for my Friday I drove two hours in order to find the perfect temple dress and do some much needed shopping therapy.

{Pictures of my adventure}

{The green of California is never ending.}

{Every where you go there are these amazing colors}

{Even the place where we ate had beautiful flowers growing outside.}

{But the shopping was the greatest!}

Needless to say my Friday was an amazing adventure for all who came. I found my temple dress (And got to try it on so I know it will look good){Not that having a temple dress is all about looking good but it is my wedding day and I would like to feel pretty on that day.} I found some amazing thrift stores, and got some new jelly flats!!!

Life is good!

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