Saturday, April 9, 2011

Spending for a cause/ Frifty-Friday

At this point I am sure that you have heard that Japan was once again hit with another earthquake. Like the destruction that they are trying to recover from already wasn't enough now they have this to deal with.
I know that sometimes it is hard to balance our own expenses let alone try to find the money to give to those less fortunate.
However I just wanted to put in a little plug
{Shameless I know}
For the many American designers that give back everyday!
Diane von Furstenberg
Kenneth Cole
and of course
 Are just some of my favorite.
Maybe next time you are going shopping you might want to take a moment to do some research and find a designer that supports a cause you believe in.
However, if you are like me you don't always have the money to spend on brand new clothes.
Luckily many Thrift Stores are actually sponsors of local charities.
My favorite in my home town is F.I.S.H.
{Friends In Service Helping}
There I can find cool things for myself, as well as donate gently used items, and volunteer at their very own food bank.
So for my "Frifty-Friday" outfit I am rocking my favorite pair of shoes I ever got at F.I.S.H.

Hope you like it!

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