Friday, May 25, 2012

what have i been doing

Well I feel like I am officially the worst person ever when it come to consistency... but I also feel like it isn't completely my fault. You see when it comes to having a perfect life I have it, but when it comes to having surprises, responsibilities, family, and cool things to do I also have all that. Consequently my life can get a little crazy... good crazy, but none the less crazy.
Also I would like to publicly apologise to everyone I have been ignoring on facebook. I love you guys, and I really do love being your friend and keeping up in your life {even though for most of you I live rather far away} however I work on a computer all day... thus when I arrive at home all I want to do is hug (it more of a very tight restraining hold) my puppy, love my husband, cook something yummy, enjoy the outdoors, hit the gym, get clean and smell good, and lay in bed enjoying my scriptures and my family. The last thing that I would be interested in really is getting on the computer at all. It is odd how it has only taken me one year of marriage but in that little time I have actually developed a "life". And like I said before it is quite wonderful.
Anyways, that was my semi-apologetic way of saying I have a lot to fill you in on! So here are the tings that I have been doing instead of being on the Internet.


Yeah I know we all hate that word but working hard pays for me to play even harder. I don't know if you know what I do but I do this medical billing/ collections/ keeping my boss sane kind of job. I'll be honest it isn't the absolute love of my life, but one day I really hope to be a mom and therefore my dear sweet wonderful husband will have to work the big job while I just want a job that will allow me to make some fun money and spend time with my kids. This dear friends is that kind of job. After I get the theoretical kiddos into school I want to become a psychiatrist. Yes I know that that is a big job and yes I know that this will require a lot of schooling but I feel like I can do it. Not to mention I want to have a back up plan. Life is {as we all know} never what we expect it to be. Recessions hit, accidents happen, and all I know is that I want to always be able to take care of my family. I think having an education would very much help me with this goal.


Every spring and summer Kyle and I hit the trails. Literally. We love to explore the amazing places we have been blessed to live in and as such hiking has become one of our hobbies. We have been blessed to live in places where the visual beauty of nature abounds and so do the hiking trails. We have also been blessed with a very "active" dog and he can more then keep up with us. Buddy is also super smart which means he can walk off leash and not be a complete menace. It all adds up to wonderful time spent as a family.

{Redesigning our backyard}

Yes ladies and gentlemen we have a back yard. When we moved if it was a mess of dirt, rocks, and carpeting. Clearly Kyle would never let it stay this way, and I have always been a grass person, so Kyle, my parents and I went at it. Pulling up carpeting, rocks and all sorts of things that don't belong in a back yard and laying down a flat, lush, green layer of sod. Finnish off with the lights from our wedding, chairs, flowers and a bar-b-q and we have a lovely place to spend time with family. Not to mention our neighbors our mighty happy to no longer have to look at what used to be an eye-sore of a backyard.

{Partying with KD's}

For my birthday my husband took me/ let me attend my KD reunion. I LOVED it. Where have you girls been all my life! Well for the most part I know you stayed in Utah but growing up can kinda mean growing apart {at least in the sense that you don't all live in the same house} and it stinks. I love spending time with my sisters and remembering what it means to be sisters for life.

{Working out}

Yep that's right the gym is now an everyday thing for me. Last summer Kyle and I did a mud run with his family and it totally kicked my butt. This year I wasn't going to let that happen again so for Christmas I asked for new running shoes and a gym pass. Since my husband is wonderful he got me both and I have been working on my fitness ever since. I have to say I am learning to love it. We don't pay for TV in our house so its nice to pick up a few shows there. I enjoy having more energy and being able to push my limits a bit more. Most of all I enjoy the power I feel when it comes to accomplishing goals I have set forth. It makes me feel like I could do anything.

Anyways I hope you all can forgive me and continue to pay attention to my blog, seeing as I fully plan to make a come back.
Additionally I would like to thank the idiots at Blue Cross who have put me on hold for so long today that I was able to compose this blog post. (PS if you need a job I am sure they will be hiring people soon seeing as one woman corrected me when I said the date of service was January 19th 2011 to which she replied"Ummm no I have hear that it was 01.19.11" Genius!)
Love and Luck in all you do

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