Friday, May 25, 2012

just a side note

I know that most people would be mad and all kinds of plans would be ruined for most people if it was raining/snowing where they lived at the end of May. However, I feel a great sense of satisfaction.You see last year this was the day before my wedding, and just like today the skies opened up and it started snowing!!! IN MAY!!! I was in panic seeing as I was having an outdoor reception. We had a back up plan but who wants to use a back up plan when it comes to their wedding day? Anyways last year was just like this year.. start of the week has beautiful weather and the end of the week looks like this.

All I have to say is that I am happy knowing that Heavenly Father wasn't trying to send me some sign of marital doom, rather it was just one of the many wonders of Norther Nevada weather.

So for those of you who have sunshine today enjoy it, spring really is the best season ever. But for those of you who have had to dawn an extra layer, enjoy it for me... summer will be here soon enough anyways.

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