Sunday, March 20, 2011

Here's a BRIGHT idea

I don't know how the weather is where you live but so far it has been a gloomy spring in Nevada. Just because the weather is gray doesn't mean you have to be, and luckily spring fashions are here to brighten up your day.
Of course I don't suggest that you go out and break the bank on these cheerful colors, however if you use these colors correctly and do a little homework these fun ideas can surely add a little spring into your step.

1. Color tights
personally I only own one pair of deep aqua, but I am totally ordering another pair. If you love skirts, shorts, dresses, or anything in which you might see your legs during the day tights can take your outfit from bland to bam easily while once again helping to add a little modesty to your wardrobe.

2. Brilliant accessories

You don't have to go crazy to have accessories that get noticed. Bows, flowers, jewels, and gems can all be added to your clothes as well as your hair for a punch of spice. With spring coming up peep toe shoes are back in and this year it is all about peep shoes with pizazz. If you are like me and you have a plain pair shoes clips can change that.
These from fink shop at combine feathers and flowers for a look that is unforgettable. Don't forget to think outside the box. Especially when it comes to accessories.

3. Lighten up your face
 Winter might be all about the dark eye liner and the nude lip but this spring it is all about color, color, color. If you watched the Oscar's you saw a lot of red lips.

But red lips aren't the only way to bring color to your face, you might also want to try bright eye shadows, eye liners, and cheek stains. Right now Target has an amazing line called E.L.F. which has a color palette of 32 eye shadows for under five dollars, cream eye liner for three dollars and cheek stains for a dollar.

4. Nail it with nails

Last but certainly not least you can always color your nails. Every polish line has a bright colors line, so don't be afraid to go to your local beauty supplies store and pick up a color that will turn heads.

Remember the key to keeping it classy is to keep it simple, you don't have to wear every look at once. Try a head band and tights today and a decked out pair of peep toes with some highlighter green nail polish tomorrow.

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