Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wake up call

So I have had the same alarm clock since ... my freshman year of college. For the last few years it has progressively been getting more and more unreliable.
A quality I find important in an alarm clock.
Anyways today it decided to not work at all!!! At Five Thirty, when I was supposed to be at work already my boss called to make sure I was on my way.
{I'm never late, I hate tardiness, I can always tell when I stop caring about something is when I start being late for it.}
Ah!!! I told her my alarm must not have gone off. No problem, she said, she would just tell her work she was coming late, but that I should come a.s.a.p.
Luckily i had set out my clothes the night before.
{A habit I developed when I realized that I can throw together some really odd things at four in the morning.}
So I just threw on my clothes, brushed my teeth, combed my hair, grabbed my jacket and headed for the door.
Here's a dirty secret of mine, I have a pair of jelly flats that I wear with everything.
Far too often.
I like the way they feel on my feet, I've loved jellies since I was a kid and when I found this pair for three dollars I bought them without a second thought.
Anyways when I was running to the door they were the first thing I saw and I slipped then on without second thought to the fact that I hadn't looked outside yet. The garage opened and to my dismay the there was a light frosting of snow covering my car.
I didn't change my shoes.
I didn't have time.
They might not be perfect but they were great for running late.

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