Thursday, March 24, 2011

I am seeing Red

So I am planning my wedding, my colors are emerald and turquoise, I picked them because I am going for a enchanted garden feel seeing as I am getting married in the Reno temple and having my reception in a meadow in Carson. I have a limited budget and so on a daily basis I am google-ing and stalking Martha Stewart and pretty much making it my business to find great deals and diy projects in order to be able to spend money on the things that truly matter.
However everywhere I look I am seeing red and loving it.
I used to think that Melody, one of my theater friends, was crazy when she wore red lips off the stage.
Now I see that she is just a genius.
Red is hard to wear if you have the wrong hue for your skin tone. So the most important thing to remember when it comes to wearing red is to find what is right for you.
I love this red jacket, why because its warm, its bright, and its everything a jacket should be. Plus this kind of red is all right for my skin.
Which makes it perfect.
Anyways I dare you to find your color red, because once you do you'll never go back because red is just one of those colors that will hook you.


  1. Oo, good look with planning the wedding! The great thing with blogs is that there are so many wedding and diy blogs. So many resources!

    North Meets South

  2. Thank you! It is much eaasier to find good ideas for weddings, or anything really with the help of technology.