Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hello Sun Burn

A wise wise friend of mine told me that the first spring day should be celebrated by going outside and drawing in chalk.
I, being a nanny, had the opportunity to embrace the day and take the kids outside to draw with chalk.

Now I am a very pale skinned woman...
but I have known this fact about myself since forever.

However when I started project chalk I did not realize that the girls would become so fascinated with it that we would be out in the blazing hot, high altitude, sun for over three hours.

As a result yesterday I became horribly burned and ended up getting sick from the pain. So when I sat down to blog last night I just couldn't do it. All I wanted to do was sleep and prepare for the next day.

And I did.

But now I am back. And a little bit tan ... which is very very nice.

{Undershirt= Hollister, Sweater= thrift, Skirt= thrift}

{Shoes= Franco Sarto}

So today it was a blazing 80 degrees and after yesterday I had to change up my style a little bit to hide my burn.

So I started by adding length to my sleeves, 3/4 length was all I was willing to go in the extreme heat.
Then I went with a skirt that covered my knees but still allowed a small breeze in order to be able to let the heat out. I was still sweating but at least I was doing it in style.

I was very happy that I did this because between the maid and the men working to repair the floor the girls and I once again spent the majority of our day outside.

Anyways here is to spring and summer and to the amazing days spent in the sun that we are all about to experience!!!


  1. i love chalk... and those SHOES are fantastic!!!!

  2. Those shoes were a gift from my mom because she couldnt walk in them and I could ... Winning!