Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"Fitting" into Spring fashion

So the votes are in and the biggest challenge you face with fashion right now is

Well dont worry you are not alone.
I am 5'9'', I have a size four waste, and I wear size ten pants.
On top of that I am Mormon and I strickly believe that modest is hottest.
Needless to say I have been stuggleing with this for a very very long time.

The only answer I have for you is to find what works for you and to not buy every little thing that comes your way.
In my case it is a mix between ordering online and trying things on.

In example... my pants I often have to order online in order to get pants that are long enough.
Whereas I always have to try shirts on in order to make sure that I still have a little bit of boobs and that I have no bare middrift.

but like I said ... dont buy every little thing that comes your way!

The seceret to finding a good deal is waiting for it.
There is no shame in leaving a store empty handed. Sometimes you have to look alot before you find something that is going to fit you.

My biggest tips I have for finding the right fit is:

1. Buy a size bigger.... if you are inbetween sizes go larger instead of smaller. No one want a muffin top and even fewer people want to see your butt crack and boobs. These are why they invented belts, the glorious, fashionable, accesorie that they are.
2. Play with shapes.... no matter what your shape is I'm sure there are new cuts of clothing out there to try. When I was in high school I thought the only way I could possibly look like I had boobs was to wear a super slim cut top. However I have found that a shirt that bubbles at the top can give quite the same effect and is generally more appealing to look at too.
3. Try some color.... I am no Rainbow Brite when it comes to my clothing, but I do mix it up a lot. Red, Yellow, Blue, Purple.... I cant get enough of it. I stick by my saying that wearing green is as good as wearing a little black dress. Not to mention any color always makes you look happier then just plain black and white.
4.  Look like you... my best friend {and soon to be sister in law!!!} has a completely different body shape then me. If I were to try and pull off some of the looks that she can I would fail terribly. You kind of have to embrace what you have to work with. I am tall, so I can pull off wearing more prints at one time. I have the space and so why not embrace what I have.  Not only that but I am a girly girl, I cannot pull off the hard rocker look. Doesn't mean I dont appreciate it, it just means that it isn't me.

{Me applying my own rules today}

Well those are my tips ...
What are yours?


  1. Thanks for all the tips girl! LOVE that top you are wearing so super cute!

    Meet Virginia Design

  2. Thank you Morgan. I love spring and all the fashion that comes with it.