Monday, May 28, 2012

a love story

So I {like any other female on this beautiful earth} love romantic comedies. My husband generously humors me and watches them  right along with me. This weekend we watched a really good one... and it got me thinking.

My love story is nothing like a movie.

I love my husband, he truly is my best friend, and I would not trade my time with him for anything in the world but as far a being movie worthy goes we are so lacking. When we were dating... it was not pretty. we got together, then broke up and then got back together and then broke back up. We were always friends though and I always loved him and he always loved me but the being in a relationship thing really didn't come easy to us. The only movie like moments I can think of are all quite tragic. Which is why we both don't really talk about our time spent dating.

Anyways as of this weekend we have been officially married for one year {I can't say it enough :) its so cool} and as I lay in bed enjoying our memorial day I just kept thinking about how perfect this last year of our life has been. We have had a perfect year! So I ask you, would you rather have a movie worthy dating life or a movie worthy marriage?

I think I lucked out. After all I get to enjoy my real-life-romantic-comedy for eternity.

{a weekend in photos}

The watch Kyle bought me in honor of our "paper/watch" first year anniversary.

Coupon book I made for Kyle

A beautiful car at the car show in Lake Tahoe.

OOO Did I mention he got me a bigger dimond too!?!

Hahaha I hope you guys all have a great week, cause I know I will.

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  1. this post is absolutely adorable! and i'm more than a little jealous that your man sits and watches romantic comedies with you. i feel like i'm pulling teeth each time. ha
    also, curious to know which one you watched this weekend??
    xo TJ