Monday, January 30, 2012

The Aweful Truth: About Being Happily Married

I am sorry to say that I have left the blogging world for so long....
however, it's not because I am sad or have nothing going on in my life. Infact, it if for the igzact opposite reason.
Being married rocks.
I thought that life would never be crazier then when I was trying to plan our wedding, but I was wrong.
Life is even crazier.
An average day consists of work, working out, cleaning, cooking, and best of all chillin with my hubbin
{my way of saying husband}
Anyways out with the old and in with the new... but not just yet :) because seeing as life is crazy I have been having a steady decline in my picture taking days!
So here is the last great adventure of the fall
We went to Apple Hill and enjoyed finding great apples and pumkins and most of all beauty all around!

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  1. Cute. Who is that charming older guy gazing off in the distance?