Friday, July 29, 2011

when can i stop working

This week was loooong !!!!
Like forty-two hours long, and while i more then appreciate getting to have all that money there are a few things I don't appreciate... {not listed in order of importance}
1. Not having time to do the dishes.
2. Not getting to sleep in on Friday {a day I normally have off}
3. Feeling unmotivated to blog/ do things I normally love to do.
4. Feeling so hot, sweaty and covered in kid stuff that I feel the need to shower instant I get home.
So I have decided to start planning for my retirement.
Skip straight over having kids and finishing my education and go right to the part of life that I will hopefully live long enough to enjoy.
I'm thinking I will serve a mission, and spend lots of time by the sea. Travel will certainly be in there and so will volunteering in my community.
I guess what I am saying is days/ weeks like this make me miss having a life where I feel like I can change the world.

What would you do if you could take a year off of your life....?
I'm more then curious.

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